Gabriela Rueda, our main character, participates in a very important skating competition in Cartagena were they will select the best skater who will classify for the international tournament. \nShe wins the race and classifies for the skating national selection, that has been her greatest dream, but her dream tarnishes when she decides to practice without her coach’s authorization and she gets hit in a car accident by a drunk driver, Pablo Córdoba, her body lies unconscious in the street. Pablo Cordoba who earlier had broken up with his fiancée had been on a drinking binge, he picks Gabriela’s body and rushes her to a nearby hospital leaving her at the entrance door, he belongs to a very rich family who owns multiple industries, and with his mother’s help and a lawyer they send him abroad trying to avoid judicial problems. Six months after, he travels back to the country and continues to live a life of comfort and luxury, but, unaware of his father’s plans to put an end to his life style, forces him to get a job at the factory, under the condition that nobody must know he is the son of the owner or he will dishinrerit him. \n\nIn the mean time, Gabriela who had to put a halt to her brilliant career as a professional skater due to the accident, decides to get any menial job she can find, since her parents had to pay for the hospital fees after her accident. By sheer coincidence she finds a job in one of the Cordoba’s family business factories, were she meets Pablo, who is another employee and stunned to see the same girl he once hit and after dropped at a hospital standing in front of him, without knowing that the guy she has just met is the same person who tarnished her dreams of becoming a world champion skater

Duration: 00:44:18


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