Yurani has to makes up a story to Olga, her aunt and tells her that she was the one who took the money to pay for utilities, since she thought that her husband used it to gamble in a casino, since he has become a gambler. Pablo talks with his mother and asks her to lend him some money so he can pay back Gabriela the money she loaned him to pay for the expensive lunch, but his mother refuses to do so. Meanwhile his father warns him that he has twenty four hours to get his job back or he will lose all the priviledges to inherit the hefty sum of money. \nErnesto gathers with Gabriela’s family and while they have dinner, he tells them that He can get the job back for Gabriela, but, that from now on he will be responsible for the girls actions. Meanwhile Pablo goes to Gabriela’s house to pay back the money and bumps into Gabriela’s parents and Guillermo complains to him about having invited her daughter to such an expensive restaurant and that she ended paying the bill. Gabriela tells Pablo that an old neighbor who is a very good friend of the company’s president helped her get her job back. Meanwhile, Pablo decides to call his ex -fiancée and goes to her apartment to ask her for a loan which she does, but also charges for the favor. Gabriela in bed reminisces about Pablo and it is obvious that she is starting to fall in love with him. Pablo tries to get his job back, Pablo decides to go to the plant and apologize to Mrs. Carmenza for what he did and to please reinstate him again, but the woman doesn’t agree. Pablo desperate goes to the hotel were his ex – fiancée is staying and she informs him about her plans of moving to Buenos aires, Pablo is stunned with her proposal.

Duration: 00:42:14