The love affair between Pablo and Gabriela clicks and they look very much in love and talk about her future, but Gabriela’s mother is furious because of her daughters late arrival, and aggressively starts scolding the young man and warns him not to go in her pursuit, but, she tells her family not to butt into her personal affais, and that they will have to get used to him, since he is already her boyfriend. Next day Pablo goes to his parents house and tells them that he is no longer interested in honoring the pact they have and he cares less if he is disinherited and he also informs them that his workmate at the factory has become his new fiancée, and tells them that she is a totally different woman from the ones he previouly met and also confesses to them that she is the girl he almost killed in the car accident in Cartagena and his parents immediately warn him that when she learns that he almost killed her and left her abandoned in a hospital, she will take revenge of the situation. \nGabriela speaks seriously with Ernesto and informs him that she is Pablo’s new girlfriend and he enfuriated declares war on Pablo, whom he claims is a nobody and has stolen the girl he has always been in love with. \nMeanwhile Pablo’s father calls Gabriela into his office to inform her that he is the father of the young man who almost killed her in a car crash and enraged, she tells him that his son abandoned her at a hospital and that she will never be the person she was prior to the accident and declines the money that Efrain wanted to pay her and also resigns to her job and then Pablo comes into the office and complains to his father asking him why did he had to hurt Gabriela telling her about something that only he had the right to. Gabriela summons her family and tells them what she has just learned and they remain in awe and except her father who feels very happy to learn the news.

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