Mercedes enraged calls her husband Efrain and tells him that because of what he did the girl has resigned from her job, as well as Pablo, and warns him that if she loses her son because of him, she will immediately will file for divorce. Pablo arrives to Gabriela’s house to comfort her, for what has happened and to his surprise he sees his father arriving to talk with her and her family and explains to them that what happened, was his son’s fault who is an irresponsible young man, who loves the good life and he wants to make up for his son’s errors. As Pablo walks out of Gabriela’s home he treats him cold and distant and asks in front of the whole family that if he wants to make up for his son’s error why doesn’t he sponsor the Skating team, and Efrain thinks it’s not a bad idea after all. Guillermo tries to convince the family to accept the money that they baddly need, but, Gabriela adamantly opposes and tells him there is nothing else to talk about, she accepts to go back to work and her father furious and outraged. When Pablo goes to pick up Carmenza, she introcuces him to her husband as her boyfriend, trying to make him feel jealous, since she wanted to get back at him after she found him in the arms of another woman. When Pablo leaves the hotel headed to the track to see Gabriela’s training, Marina his ex – finacée sees him and follows him to check what he has been hidding and sees him with Gabriela, she complains to him and Gabriela starts having doubts about her boyfriend.

Duration: 00:42:48


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