Pablo goes to Gabriela’s house to calm her down and takes her out to have breakfast, but she barely smiles, Olga warns Pablo by telling him that men like him make women suffer and she is not willing to see her daughter go through any ordeal because of him. Pablo’s mother, Mercedes, talks with Marina and tells her the truth about Pablo’s new love affair and asks her to try and talk him into going with her to Buenos Aires, since this is becoming a huge problem in the family. Guillermo in the kitchen talks with Pablo and asks him about his family, he subtly evades talking about the issue with him. Ernesto tells Veronica that he knows the truth about her relationship with Julio, who is Efrain’s partner in the factory. All of Gabriela´s and Pablo’s workmates want to know why the owner of the compnay called her over to talk with him and they have to make up an excuse saying that it was because of their relationship. Ernesto talks with Veronica and convinces her that he knows the way he can beneft professionaly and personally from that relationship. \n\nMeanwhile Guillermo calls Don Efrain and tells him that he convinced his daughter to accept the money he was offering her and from then on Pablo’s parents see Gabriela in a very different light than their son. Veronica starts to work on her plot with Julio and the man is bewildered with his lovers attitude. \n\nMartina tells Pablo, that she knows the truth about his situation and promises her that if he comes with her to Argentina he will be able to enjoy the life style he has always been used to. Efrain calls his son, so he can listen to the recording he taped of Gabriela’s father telling him that Gabriela accepted the compensation money Efrain had offered for the accident she suffered because of his son, and the young man is taken aback with such a sound evidence.

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