Verónica complains to Ernesto that thanks to his plot she will lose Julio, but he promises that he will soon call her and will be begging on his knees to make up with her. Pablo is in a very strange mood after he heard the tape and she aware of his strange behavior asks him if there is anything wrong and he tells her how come she doesn’t accept the money don efrain is offering her and it would help her solve all her families financial problems.. She answers him that she will never accept that money. Julio calls Veronica non stop and she and Ernesto know that they will profit big time from that relationship, since he can’t wait to see her again. \nGabriela tells her cousin Yurani, that she is sure that Pablo’s supposed cousin, is no other than a broad, she suspects he is having an affiar with. This makes her feel ill at ease with their relationship. \nMartina come over and give Pablo a ticket so he can come with her to Buenos Aires and tells him that she will wait for him at the airport and if he doesn’t show up that would we the end of their relationship. \nVeronica calls Ernesto and informs him that she met with Julio at the airport before he boarded the plane and he made it clear that he wants to make offical their relationship, but right then Pablo arrives with his lugagge to meet Martina and Veronica sees him and she warns Ernesto about what she has just seen. \nErnesto goes to Gabriela’s home and drops the scoop about Pablo’s intentions and Gabriela stunned, cannot believe what she has just heard. Pablo decides to tell the truth to Martina with regards to Gabriela and says he wants to help her recuperate her life back after what unfortunately he did to her, so he has decided not to travel to Buenos Aires with her. Pablo calls Gabriela who is perplexed and asks him to meet with him in the evening and demands to know the whole truth about his double life.

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