Guillermo enjoys a very pleasant chat with his lover and in that moment his father in law arrives and the old man suspects that something strange is going on with the bum, the good for nothing of his son in law. \n\nMeanwhile Gabriela and Pablo talk and he explains to her why he was at the airport and he again makes up a story about his cousin telling her that she had to travel abroad due to the way her boyfriend mistreated her, Gabriela thinks its a farfetched story and her realtionship with Pablo is in immininent danger. \n\nGabriela talks with her cousin and tells her how worried she is about Pablo’s situation, since he is going around with his suitcase with no place to stay, in despair he decides to sleep at the plant and was surprised by the security guard at the factory, they call the cops and arrest him, he calls his parents, but decides to solve the problem by himself. Next day during her training, Gabriela worried and impatient when she doesn’t see Pablo arrive, thinks that something wrong has happened to him. Pablo’s father goes to the police station to get his son out, without anybody knowing who he is, but, he ends up telling the cops he is his son, so he could get him out free of charges; at that moment Gabriela arrives with Ernesto and the cops tell them that Pablo’s father came to pick him up and they get confused, since Pablo told Gabriela that his parents do not live in the city, she remains startled with the news about the unpredictible Pablo.

Duration: 00:42:59


Tags: Gabriela