Olga and Ernesto speak about Pablo and decide to have a serious talk with Gabriela and convinvce her to give up on Pablo, Ernesto tells Olga that she is obsessed and blindfolded with her late finacée who keeps too many secrets and for sure must be a criminal; meanwhile Pablo gathers with his parents at their home and complains to his mother why did she do the same thing that his father did to him and tries to wash her hands of the matter. Gabriela talks with her cousin and tells her that she is baffled with Pablo’s behavior and that she is sure that he is hidding something from her, since he said that his parents didn’t live in the city and all of the sudden they show up to take him out from the police station. Ernesto goes to the police station and talks with the chief police and tries to get some information regarding Pablo’s father, without succeeding. Pablo meets Gabriela and tries to explain her about his father’s sudden arrival. Pablo’s father calls his hand right man to help him take his son’s record out of the police files, to avoid that his son gets involved in any police investigation. \n\nGuillermo makes plans with the money that supposedly he will be receiving from Pablo’s father for the compensation fees from the accident his son caused Gabriela. Olga recieves Pablo at her house and he tries to convince her to accept his relationship with her daughter, but at that same moment her husband calls and informs her that some men are going to kill him, due to a large debt, she rushes out with Pablo to help her husband and when they arrive Pablo tries to save his in laws lives and gets in the midst of a brawl and is badly injured.

Duration: 00:42:34


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