Yurani advices Gabriela telling her to be patient and that she is sure that sooner or later she will end up making up with Pablo and more so now, that she knows that he was beaten up for protecting her parents. Guillermo tells Pablo not to worry that they will pay for the medical expenses, since he is his daughter’s fiancée and to avoid problems he decides not tro report the attackers. Olga complains to her husband about his acquaintances and the huge problem they find themselves in and he promises to get out of the gambling scenario. After Pablo got badly beaten, seriously injured and risked his own life, Gabriela faces a new problem, when the doctor recommends that he stays in bed and aware that he has no place to go after risking his own life for protecting her parents from being butchered, they with no other option invite him to stay at their home. \n\n\nVeronica invites Ernesto to see the apartment Julio gave her and also inquire on why is he helping her and he answers that he wants her to help him separete Gabriela and Pablo and tells her to seduce him. \n Meanwhile, Efrain calls his son to say hello and the boy informs his father about what has just happened. Olga fixes a delicious breakfast for Pablo and tells him she is very grateful for what he did to protect her and her husband and that it speaks very well of him. Someone knocks the door at Gabriela’s house and Olga opens the door and comes back saying that Pablo’s father is looking for him, Pablo astonished with the news.

Duration: 00:41:52