Efrain sends Plutarco, his right hand man, to introduce himself and pass as Pablo’s father, Pablo remains stunned and very surprised with the visit. He talks with the Rueda family and tells them that his wife is extremely worried for their son’s health after the accident and wants a family doctor to check him again and confirm if his bruises are serious, but the truth is that he wants to take him to his parents home, so they can talk with him, but, they didn’t expect Gabriela to insist in coming with them and much less that the pain in the neck of Ernesto would offer his car to give them a ride…They arrive at the hospital and the doctor who had been previously warned, tells Pablo he must come inside to undergo some medical tests, but, instead Pablo is immediately rushed through a back door into a car to his parents home. Already home, Julio who is a cousin and also his father’s business partner, arrives and makes a business proposal to Efrain about a joint venture enterprise regarding an international soft drink juice company but, Efrain, is enraged with Julio’s proposal. \n\nPlutarco playing the role of his father, conveys to the Rueda family that they want to take their son to the farm house in the rural village were they live, Gabriela saddened by the news and her mother acknowledging her daughters feelings, invites Pablo to stay over as their guest during some days, Pablo surprised but, elated accepts her unexpected invitation. Guillermo goes to her lovers house to say hello to her and his son, Ernesto who sneaks and follows him, witnesses their encounter and has sufficient grounds to make him eat from his own hands and do as he pleases. When Guillermo arrives at Efrain’s office to collect the money from his daughter’s accident, Pablo’s father invites Gabriela to be a witness when he hands the compensation fee and she is taken aback by her father’s presence and tells him that she is not planning to accept any money from that family and gets furious at him blaming him for making a decision without her consent, behind her back.

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