Gabriela tells Pablo that he needs to submit his resumé to the company so they can have all his personal information, he worries since his fiancée has insisted in helping him. \nVeronica tells Ernesto that she saw in Julio’s laptop a proposal made by him to sell the company, Ernesto is taken aback with the news. \nPablo covers Guillermo’s back regarding the job at the workshop,so he can pick up the money to pay the men who are threatening him; a his father in law feels grateful, but also finds himself in a dilema of getting Pablo out of the house, since Ernesto warned him that he will tell his wife about his relationship with his lover and son, if he didn’t do something to get Gabriela’s fiancée out of the house. Due to this, he deliberately tells Olga that it is not healthy that their daughter lives under the same roof as her boyfriend and that he has heard rumors in the middle of the night and is sure that they are seeing each other and who knows what they have been up to, he deliberately make comments to Olga to raise doubts,so she will stop trusting Pablo and help him get the young man out of the house. \n\nMeanwhile, Veronica sends an email to Ernesto with julio’s proposal to sell the factory so he can check out the undertone of the deal. Pablo calls his father and tells him that he had to write his resumé with fake data, since he had no other alternative and is worried because they can call asking for hiswork reference and they probably say they don’t know him. Finally, Gabriela’s father alone with Pablo, tells him that he is not happy with him living under the same roof as his daughter and that he must leave the house immediately, Pablo stunned with the unexpected news since he has no place to stay.

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