Guillermo eagerly looks for his cell phone and asks his wife Olga if she has seen it, his wife suspects he is having an affair due to a woman’s number he has repeatedly called. Ernesto tries to confront Efrain with his brother in law Julio, who is a partner in business, telling him harsh things and it seems the man falls into the trap. Olga in despair with her suspicions about her husbands affair, decides she must know the truth and willdo what ever it takes to unmask him. \nGabriela hands to Mr. Efrain her work plan so he can sponsor her dreams and make a comeback into the skating ring, she promises him she will not let him down and he won’t regret it. \nMeanwhile Olga grief stricken weeps after confirming her suspicions about her husbands affair and tells her father; Abelardo flew into a rage with the news and tells her to talk with him as soon as possible. In the mean time, Guillermo with his lover, tells her that his neighbor Ernesto knows about their relationship and is blackmailing him by telling the truth to his wife Olga about her and their son. During lunch hour Gabriela and Pablo’s workmates get together and tell them that only a miracle would make Mr. Efrain approve of the sponsorship to so she can get back into skating, this news makes Gabriela depressed, but, right then Ernesto calls to tell her that the sponsorship has been approved, but,also gives her the bad news that Mr. Efrain will be taking care directly of the project. \nMercedes, Pablo’s mother, tells her husband Efrain that she is leaving him because things have changed too much between them, ever since he decided to make his son work as another employee doing menial tasks and is life has become a living hell.

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