Gerardo and his wormates talk about how uncomfortable Pablo feels when he learned that Ernesto had been appointed to manage everything related with Gabriela’s sponsorship. Veronica tries to get the truth out of Pablo, on how he learned that Ernesto had been appointed by the president of the company,but remaining without words tells him the first thing that comes into his mind, that Gabriela informed him. \nAt the same time the woman talks Pablo into coming with her to do an errand, but it is part of a scheme planned between Ernesto and her to separate him from Gabriela. \nOlga pretending everything is fine, listens to all the lies Guillermo tells her, but, not worried since her father has the perfect plan to unmask him. Ernesto tells Veronica that she has to seduce Pablo at all cost, so Gabriela thinks that he is being unfaithful. Mercedes gets together with her son and tells him that she has separated from his father due to what has been happening lately and that she cannot cope any longer to see her son being mistreated, he tells her he feels satisfied with Gabriela’s sponsorship and he needs to make up for the damage he caused her, his mother insists that when Gabriela learns that he is the person who almost kill her in the car accident she, will not want to see him any longer and he tells her that when that happens, he will have already have made up for the damage he caused her and she will forgive him.

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