Veronica makes up a story to Pablo telling him that they have asked for the room were she is staying and doesn’t have a place to live, forcing Gerardo to offer her a place to stay in his house, which is the same house were Pablo is staying, so Nestor and her can carry out their plans to separate Pablo from Gabriela. Mercedes tells Efrain that she talked with her son and advised him to resign from his job and tell Gabriela the truth about the accident, that he was the one who runned over her in Cartagena and dropped her at the hospital, he replies to his wife telling her that he doesn’t agree with the advise she gave Pablo. In the mean time Adriana tells Gabriela that she saw Pablo that afternoon going out with Veronica, she immediately looks for his fiancée and complains to him about why didn’t he tell her, that he had gone out with her, Pablo confirms that it is true, sees nothing wrong with it, since they are only friends. Hesuddenly decides to tell her the truth about what really happened in Cartagena and how remorseful he feels, but, Ernesto unexpectedly arrives interrupting the significant conversation. Olga, Gabriela’s mother grief stricken after she learns that her husband has a second home. Ernesto takes Gabriela to a place were he introduces her with her skating team and she feels thrilled to see that they are friends of hers. Pablo goes to his father’s office and complains to him because he has not complied with the pact they agreed too and has decided to tell Gabriela the truth and Pablo informs him that he will resign from his job at the factory and even if Mrs. Carmenza begs him to stay he will quit the job, but before he leaves he says farewell to his workmates. Olga and Bernardo follow Guillermo’s footsteps to his mistress house andthey observe when she comes out with their son and caringly embrace each other, Olga receives a great blow.

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