Olga outraged when she sees her husband with another woman, she hits and hollers at her, making a scene, starts to argue with her husband’s lover and tells her husband to get lost, that she doesn’t want to see him ever again, enraged on her way out she faints and Abelardo calls his granddaughter and tells what happened to her mother and for the second time Pablo gets interrupted as he plans to tell the truth to Gabriela about his responsibility in the car crash. Veronica tells Ernesto that Pablo quit his job and he will be free to conquer Gabriela’s heart, just at that moment Guillermo furious storms into his neighbor’s office, convinced that he was the one who snitched to his wife about his mistress, he runs amuck and hits the man in his own office in front of Veronica. Abelardo tells Gabriela about her father’s unfaithful behavior and she says she doesn’t understand how people say they love someone when they just hurt them, Pablo takes it personally and wishes he couldvanish off the face of the earth.Ernesto talks with Guillermo and ressures him that he was not the one who betrayed him, that it must be someone he least thinks of. Gabriela intrigued with what Pablo has to tell her, since it must be something serious from the tone of his voice. Aidé, Guillermo’s lover, puts conditions so he can move in and live with her and taken aback with her behavior, since she has been the woman whom up till now he used to spend his leisure time without any sort of problems.

Duration: 00:42:23


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