Abelardo has been appointed by Ernesto as coach for Gabriela’s comeback skating team and the grandfather warns his granddaughter that if he was a headache for her before, she must get prepared to see him as her worst nightmare, he will do his best to train her and make her the best skater in the country. Ernesto seizes the opportunity to ask Gabriela if it is true that Pablo quit his job, but she is taken aback with the news, since her fiancée has not informed her about the issue. Efrain calls his son to meet with him home and tells him that he wants to apologize with him for all the things that have lately happened and Pablo is surprised with his father’s decision. Yurani asks her cousin how come she remained so pensive after saying good-bye to Ernesto and she tells her that Ernesto told her that Pablo had quit his job, but, she is surprised because he has not told her. Meanwhile Efrain apologizes and asks his son to forgive him and congratulates him for the change he has had and encourages him to work up his way in the factory, which is the way sucessful men achieve great goals in life and to pursue his path, Pablo thrilled with how his father treats him. Julio Franco, who is Pablo’s uncle and his father’s partner in business, calls Ernesto and summons him to an appointment so they can talk about how he can convince Efrain into selling his shares inthe company, so he can sell the company afterwards to some foreign investors. \n

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