Gabriela arrives in a rush to the factory and asks Gerardo about her boyfriend and he tells her, that he is asking to be resinstated into the company and then she confirms that Pablo had resigned his job as worker in the plant. Carmenza talks with the young man and reinstates him back into his job, but, tells him that she is surprised that don Efrain has accepted back an ordinary worker and more so, when she knew that he didn’t have nice words for the owner of the company and tells Pablo that he will be in charge of organizing the next party for the company. Gabriela complains to Pablo why he never told her that he had quit his job and she had to learnthe truth through Ernesto, he makes up a story to Gabriela telling her that he decided to resign because he couldn’t stand the fact that Ernesto had been appointed by Efrain’s office as the person responsible for the skating team and argued with him and decided to quit the job. \n\nErnesto meets with a man to organize a plan to convince don Efraín to sell his company’s shares to Julio, his brother in law, business that will also make him a partner.\n\nCarlos Santana, the company’s representative interested in buying the factory, meets with don Efrain and shows interests in the joint venture proposal he has offered. \n\nGerardo rents a room to Veronica and immediately starts to scheme a plot to conquer Pablo’s heart. Gerardo shows Pablo an air ticket that he found in his locker, with the name of Pablo Córdoba Franco and asks him if he is the son of the owner of the company, Pablo perplexed remains speechless.

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