Verónica asks Gerardo why did he lock himself to talk with Pablo and he makes up a story that they were talking about the rent, since his aunt Azucena is not chipping in and everybody else who lives in the house must pay for the household expenses, she doesn’t fall for it. Gabriela tells Pablo, she is very surprised he didn’t show up for her first day of her team training and he concocts that his mother got sick very early and he didn’t have the time to call and tell her. Mercedes, Pablo’s mother decides to leave the country until her marriage crisis is over and her husband and son drive her to the airport. Ernesto meets with Guillermo and proposes to help him get back with his wife Olga, but he will have to comply with all her demands. Efrain learns from his son, that Gerardo, Pablo’s roommate and workmate knows the truth since hefound some documents with his real names. Pablo arrives very late to work and tells Carmenza one of his habitual lies, she tells him to get dressed and get down to work right away. Veronica interrupts a conversation between Gabriela and Pablo and makes a remark that informs Gabriela that she is also living in Gerardo’s house and she cannot conceal her anger, since she didn’t know about it, she argues with Pablo and they leave very upset. Pablo suggests to Gerardo that his aunt should sing at the company’s party and says that the audiences recognition will make her very happy.

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