Gerardo complains to Pablo because being the owner of the factory he is not doing much to stop Gabriela from going to Cartagena and he answers to him, that things are not what they seem to be. Ernesto calls Veronica and tells her to buy some sleeping pills at the pharmacy to doze off Pablo and stop him from going to the airport to say good-bye to Gabriela. Yurani advices her cousin, that the best thing she can do is to reject the sponsorship awarded by the factory, helping her get rid of Ernesto and Veronica, Gabriela tells her that it would be like throwing down the dump her biggest dream of becoming the best skater. Pablo decides to tell Gerardo the truth about his life, including that he is responsible for the car crash Gabriela had and that he took her to the hospital and drove away, he asks Gerardo to keep the secret and Gerardo promises him that he will not utter a word. Gabriela’s mother is feeling down due to the infidelity problem she is facing with her husband Guillermo and tells her daughter not to worry that she should go on her trip that she will be just fine. Pablo sound asleep after he had a beer that Veronica offered him were she had poured the sleeping pills, stopping him from going to the airport to say good-bye to Gabriela, she was very surprised and sad with her fiancées behavior. When Pablo is left alone, Veronica starts implementing her task of seducing her worst enemy’s fiancée.

Duration: 00:41:49


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