Gerardo invites Veronica to go to the movies and to his surprise she accepts. During her training in Cartagena, Gabriela has a terrible fall and baddly hurts her past injuries from the car accident leaving her almostunable to skate. When Pablo arrives to the airport they tell him that his flight reservation has been canceled and is having major problemsto travel to Cartagena to surprise Gabriela, but luckily, he gets a seat and takes the plane that will take him over to see his beloved. Meanwhile, Veronica calls Ernesto and tells him that cancelling Pablo’s reservation didn’t work out, since he managed to travel in a different airline and tells him that the from now on they will have to change strategy to separate the couple or they will not achieve their goal. When the doctor checks Gabriela, he asks her if they didn’t warn her that she must not return to skating because, a severe fall could impair her and her dreams of becoming the best sportswoman, but she decides to participate in the invitation they made her team and her as the leading skater. In his eagerness to stop Gabriela from comunicating with Pablo, Ernesto breaks her cell phone. Ernesto invites the team for dinner, but, his real intentions are to seduce Gabriela and ruin her relationship with Pablo, meanwhile he arrives to the hotel and cannot find his fiancée, but Yurani helps him with the phone number of one of the fellow team members and finally she tells him their whereabouts.

Duration: 00:41:13


Tags: Gabriela